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Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

I know the topic above may sound arrogant to some people. You might have expected me to say ‘Believe in God’ if you want to succeed in life.

Of course, that is where your believing should start but you need to believe in yourself as well for you to have victory in your circumstances. The problem with most believers is not that they do not believe in God.

In fact, they are aware of His ability and know to some degree what He can do for them but they just lack the understanding that God also believes in them and expect them to believe in themselves based on what he has done for them and who He has made them to be in the New Creation. Religion and tradition of men have developed in people a mindset of weakness and unworthiness.

You might have been told that you are ‘Just an old sinner saved by grace to struggle through life and accept what life can offer you’. Such teaching has produced sin consciousness and false humility in the church. It has hindered many believers from rising to their full potential in God and take their place of authority and walk in the blessing of the New Covenant with all the rights and privileges.

There must be a paradigm shift in the mind of people with a fresh revelation of our identity in Christ and what we have become as a result of our redemption. If you truly believe in God, you will definitely believe in yourself. You can not have one without the other. Your faith in God is the practical demonstration of your confidence in Him and His Word. So, your trust in God is your trust in His character and what he has said in the Bible. Most of what God has said by His Spirit in the New Testament, especially in the Pauline epistle, is the revelation of what God has done for the believers through Christ death and resurrection.

It reveals our new position of authority, our new identity, our sonship, dominion right, our union and partnership with the Holy Spirit. If you truly believe God, you should believe what He has said in His word concerning you. This is what will give you the audacity to believe in yourself. I am not just inspiring you, trying to psych you up to believe in yourself but l am giving you the foundation for you to have confidence and assurance in God’s ability in you. Therefore, to believe in yourself, biblically, is to acknowledge what God has done for you in Christ and live in the reality of it by faith (Philemon 1:6).

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